Meet the plunge protection team

PPT: for real?Some interesting vignettes. The word plunge is very close to us… It brings visions of markets collapsing, deep despair, depression-era soup kitchens and market operators raking it or breaking it. “Plunge”... 
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Markets at a juncture

Once again, a multitude of technical indicators are signaling that markets might be at a crossroad. One of the definitions of a crossroad is “a crucial point especially where a decision must be made”. ... 
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The real maginot line

Some believe markets have set a bottom. Boyplunger is on that camp. It remains to be seen whether the 78 WMA is going to be able to resist the onslaught of bad news and bits of selling pressure that have... 

Super traders

Jesse Livermore In times of distress, it is always useful to remember that past traders with skills vastly superior to ours also struggled from time to time. To succeed, it is not only essential to become... 


ARMH – ARM Holdings, plc

Gaining with options the safe way As stated in my post a couple of weeks ago regarding safe option bets, or safer than the average, when showcasing the chart for BVF – Biovail Corporation, I have... 


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